Couples “on the Brink”

Couples “on the brink” of break-up are often unsure — sometimes one partner, sometimes both — whether they have explored every option before ending their relationship.  Couples “on the brink” may still be living together, or they may have already separated but have not yet made a final decision about ending the relationship.

Relationship counseling at this stage helps the partners:

  • look deeply at the sources of their dysfunction and disconnection;
  • consider whether each of their needs and agendas have ever really been heard;
  • gain clarity about the factors that have contributed to the breakdown;
  • gain an understanding how each partner may have contributed to the problems;
  • explore the full range of ramifications of repairing or ending the relationship;
  • determine whether to work on the marriage, maintain the status quo, or end the relationship.

Please note:

It is recommended that couples “on the brink” commit to at least three months of weekly sessions before they decide to officially end the relationship (excluding situations in which there is physical or emotional danger to either partner).  Couples counseling is available on a session-by-session basis, or in the form of marathon counseling.

Marathon counseling provides 15-18 hours of counseling over the course of 2-3 consecutive days, and is offered on select weekends (Thursday through Saturday) for couples with particularly difficult work week schedules. Marathon counseling is not appropriate where there is addiction, an affair that has not ended, or domestic violence.



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