Couples Counseling

Counseling is helpful for couples who are:

  • experiencing malaise or boredom, and yearning for improved emotional and sexual intimacy;
  • weary of ongoing bickering, and wishing to make their home a softer, more loving haven;
  • looking for ways to more effectively communicate their individual needs and agendas;
  • looking for ways to decrease power plays, replacing them with more supportive bonds;
  • seeking a deeper understanding of the factors contributing to the current struggles;
  • hoping to gain clarity and confidence about next steps for their relationship, be it repair or dissolution.


Session 1:   Initial intake (75-90 minute session recommended)
Session 2:   Individual session with Partner A  (50-minutes)
Session 3 :  Individual session with Partner B  (50-minutes)
Session 4:   Conjoint session with couple  (75-90 minute session recommended)
Ongoing:    As determined by the couples’ specific needs.  For couples in distress or “on the brink,” a minimum of three months of weekly sessions are recommended.

Please note:

For couples with particularly hectic work week schedules and for whom weekly sessions are not possible, marathon counseling is offered as an alternative.  Marathon counseling offers 3, 6 or 12 hours of counseling over the course of 2-3 consecutive days (offered on select weekends, Thursday – Saturday).  Marathon counseling is not appropriate where there is addiction, an affair that has not ended, or domestic violence.



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